About Us

Since 2003 Streamline Hydro Blasting Services has provided a professional cleaning service to many national and international companies. Our experience in High Pressure Water Cleaning is an essential key factor to our service.

Combined, amongst our highly qualified staff, we have over 50 years’ experience in the industry.

High-pressure industrial water cleaning is our specialty, but the services we offer by no means ends here.

We provide a few extra services over and above high-pressure water cleaning, for example:

Sandblasting/surface preparation, suction services and fastener supplies.


Our mission is to render a 24-hour professional, excellent, cost effective and environment friendly service, where we employ the individual entrepreneurial skills of our personnel to the benefit of themselves, our customers and the company.

All work is carried out under strict and highly skilled supervision, backed by management ensuring that our commitment to quality and safety is adhered to, providing an excellent service at a competitive price.


Our personnel are highly qualified and motivated to render a SABS ISO 9002 compliant service of the highest quality and safety standards. All our operators have been through a profound training course and are re-evaluated on a frequent basis to ensure the highest standards in quality and safety.  Apart from our own in-house training, we also make use of Certified Training Institutions for advanced, specialized training on certain areas of work such as: Working at Heights, Confined Spaces, etc.


Just to enlighten you on how we like to enforce safety in our company. Firstly, Streamline HBS endorses this motto at work constantly and should be in every other company is “Safety First and always First”. We all know that an accident can happen at any time, but most accidents and incidents can be prevented as long as we are aware of our surroundings at all times and warn surrounding people about the dangers associated with high pressure water cleaning. We at Streamline like to see our people arrive at work safely, work safely and leave work safely back to their families.

Our company is very safety conscious and we would like to keep it that way, so please if there are any further safety requirements we could improve on please let us know.